The First of the Worst (Demo)

by Brian Cunningham


Brian Cunningham Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Backward
Well I could sing to you a stupid song
About a man who did no wrong
And all he ever cared about
Was the woman that he loved

And don't you see it's kinda trite
To preach about your inner fight
Well we have all been there
Now it's time to move on

For he who sows, so shall he reap
And your silly words sound pretty cheap
What benefits do you achieve
By repeating the same

Old shit that I had once believed
Was something revolutionary
But middle school is so far gone
Our minds have quickly become strong

I have dreamt of coming up with better things to say
But this song is just as backwards as the shit I claim to hate
But I can make an effort, yes I can try to change
I can recognize my bullshit, change my direction

It's clear these days I continue to grow
Into being lazy, fat and slow
When life is easy, there's no reason to try
Well then I might as well lay down and die

Passion is what stress will breed
And I am working backward, you see
Sometimes it feels like I've lost honesty
Sometimes it feels like I've forgotten how to dream

Please stop feeding me
Stuffing me full of lies and greed
Fear, hate, apathy and more
'Cause I'll just vomit all over the floor

I'm choking on my own fucking spit
It's just regurgitation of shit shit shit
I'm still not trying, no the direction is gone
And there is nobody here to tell me that what I'm doing is fucking wrong
Track Name: I Hope It's Not Real
Conscientious decisions are a thing of the past
Passion and love was so last decade
Aesthetics have fallen to government propaganda
Entertainment is all the same
Snot commercials about shoddy shoes
Gobbled up like thanksgiving food
No questions asked
Are we really thankful?

I've fallen love
I've fallen in love
With fucking armageddon
I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love
With black and white

How is this reality on television?
They can't even make decisions
For themselves
I hope it's not real
Cotton candied love songs say the same thing
I've been reduced to hopeless singing
I'm hammering down
On these strings

Evolution has given me no benefit
Detrimental Darwinism runs my existence
Pretty lights
Catch my eye
This feeling this feeling
Im going down screaming
And you don't care
The anxiety is teeming
And all you want
Is jewelry and rims
Track Name: Blind
The moment that I opened my eyes I threw my entire life away
Do my eyes deceive me or is this how people run society?
Treat me as an image Ive got nothing else to contribute to this land
The things I see in others eyes. sometimes I never want to see again

The moment that I closed my eyes was when my real life had begun
I said who am I to judge and I wiped away all of those first impressions
With these distractions sometimes the truth is hard to find
So let's cut out all the bullshit and open our fucking minds

Cause when you close your mind you can't open your heart
And we are not born fucked up right from the start
So believe me when I say there's still hope for this earth
Just rip your eyeballs from your head and recognize things for their real worth

Are you pleased by nothing more than an image, aesthetics, false illusions?
Do you realize I'm not the man you're seeing through those eyes of confusion?
Believe me, the clothes you wear are not what define who you are
It's limited judgement, ignorant sagacity. You won't get very far
Track Name: Thicker Than Water
There's something deep inside of us that holds us all together
More than politicians, advertisements, fashion, television
It's stronger than religion
It's thicker than water
It's fought for only by the conscious
The ones who know, the ones who are, and the ones who believe
I believe in you and I believe in me
Realistically we are already dead
I am dead inside
I am dead inside
Someone something please revive me
Am I really just lazy
Or is life actually based solely on convenience and aesthetics?
I don't want to be told what to do
Does this really have a meaning
Is it worth it in the end
No, I'm too young
Too immature to think for myself

I stepped outside
And the rain was falling
It washed away the undesireables, the impurities
The water carried away the germs, dirt, grease and all of the rotted dreams
As my face melted into the puddle at my feet
All that was left of me was not my arms, my legs, my stomach, or my brain
It was my lone beating heart
Held together by something
It's thicker than water
Track Name: Are You Angry?
Let's talk behind each others backs
Because people don't have feelings,
Well at least it sure as hell seems that way
Maybe our feelings are really the same, no difference in emotions, morals, ideas

The police, they weren't meant to fight crime
It's social control
So they can make sure that our materials are more important to us than those feelings that are real

But I believe we are all strong enough to stand on our own
And I know, I'm not the only one who is not afraid to admit it

I can only hope that ignorant hostility will one day disintegrate
All of our greed and pride will melt,
the same way I did when I looked right into your eyes
give me something to believe in
Something to hold true

And this day, ungrateful politicians will finally grow into maturity
In this way self-augmented fear will turn into acceptance of self-augmented flaws

Yes this fear, that created religions beholding genocidal policies
Columbus, Hitler, Al-Bashir, and the world keeps turning their backs to the children's screams

Teach me how to want, don't teach me decency, moral values, or to dream because
All of the things that make me be are based on solely what you told me

But I will forever be
inspired by things that make my heart soar
Turn my hands of greed into clenched fists of love
Track Name: Sincerity
I believe in something beyond a petty deity
I am something more than jesus christ
I don’t think that im better than you
But im better than your stupid fucking god most high

I am not a sheep
I am not a sinner
i am not the chosen one hoisted in the air

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke

And the drums marched in to the beat of long lost heart
And the entertainers wore a face of glee
And part of me was left behind
To a life that once was pure

The myth of revolution is that it actually brings change
As the walls came tumbling down it was all the same
Some call it maturity, they call it growing up
I call it death of a belief. I actually give a fuck

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke

Anarchy, anarchy will never run these streets
And the government will continue to lie and cheat
Where is the joy? Where is the joy? Where is the joy?
I am joy

And the walls of the city will tell stories of the war
How iron-fisted revolutionaries marched down the boulevard
They were not sinners
They were not the chosen ones
They believed in something more than Jesus Christ

And the wind came along and swept away the hopes and dreams
Of a young one in his mothers arms, soundly sleeping
Replaced by a classification and an M-16 gun
The only thing that mattered was that the fucking war was won

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke
Track Name: Faux-Intellectual
Sleep more, nothing accomplished I’m wasting my time
These floors, hardwood feels softer when your feet never touch the ground
I’m sick for something that tastes better, victory means nothing to me
Privileged whore, I’ll sell my soul for pleasure, no pain shall I endure

Action is nothing but a reaction, fancies pretend, I’m nothing new
If it was original it was lost long ago in the human mind

Restore, I still believe in us, I don’t even believe myself
Deplore, clouds contain hydrogen, oxygen and war
Ignore, you can’t hear the sound of passion in my voice anymore
Strict chores, the good dies young as we grow old

I took you seriously all along, embraced you and smiled
Yesterday, today, tomorrow I’ll never have something to show

I still give a fuck
It looks pathetic, but on the inside I’m laughing harder than too many people can understand
Track Name: Prove Me Wrong
Sit, sinking. Listen and obey
Shrink, speak softly, so complacent
Sin, salvation, Satan in your head
Clench the mistakes in your hands

Sin pensar, tu reflejas
Entender las razones
Cuerpo fuerte, cerebro muerte
Entender las razones

Me parece que no se puede

Fear the unknown. Cultivate faith
Hail tradition, this culture full of grace
Please see, cult based on ignorance
Your problems are insignificant

Sing, dream of days when
The world sees their ultimate sin
Self-centered sheep, craving happiness
Forget the main issues at hand

Me parece que no se puede