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Well I could sing to you a stupid song
About a man who did no wrong
And all he ever cared about
Was the woman that he loved

And don't you see it's kinda trite
To preach about your inner fight
Well we have all been there
Now it's time to move on

For he who sows, so shall he reap
And your silly words sound pretty cheap
What benefits do you achieve
By repeating the same

Old shit that I had once believed
Was something revolutionary
But middle school is so far gone
Our minds have quickly become strong

I have dreamt of coming up with better things to say
But this song is just as backwards as the shit I claim to hate
But I can make an effort, yes I can try to change
I can recognize my bullshit, change my direction

It's clear these days I continue to grow
Into being lazy, fat and slow
When life is easy, there's no reason to try
Well then I might as well lay down and die

Passion is what stress will breed
And I am working backward, you see
Sometimes it feels like I've lost honesty
Sometimes it feels like I've forgotten how to dream

Please stop feeding me
Stuffing me full of lies and greed
Fear, hate, apathy and more
'Cause I'll just vomit all over the floor

I'm choking on my own fucking spit
It's just regurgitation of shit shit shit
I'm still not trying, no the direction is gone
And there is nobody here to tell me that what I'm doing is fucking wrong


from The First of the Worst (Demo), track released October 22, 2011



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Brian Cunningham Seattle, Washington

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