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The moment that I opened my eyes I threw my entire life away
Do my eyes deceive me or is this how people run society?
Treat me as an image Ive got nothing else to contribute to this land
The things I see in others eyes. sometimes I never want to see again

The moment that I closed my eyes was when my real life had begun
I said who am I to judge and I wiped away all of those first impressions
With these distractions sometimes the truth is hard to find
So let's cut out all the bullshit and open our fucking minds

Cause when you close your mind you can't open your heart
And we are not born fucked up right from the start
So believe me when I say there's still hope for this earth
Just rip your eyeballs from your head and recognize things for their real worth

Are you pleased by nothing more than an image, aesthetics, false illusions?
Do you realize I'm not the man you're seeing through those eyes of confusion?
Believe me, the clothes you wear are not what define who you are
It's limited judgement, ignorant sagacity. You won't get very far


from The First of the Worst (Demo), track released October 22, 2011



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Brian Cunningham Seattle, Washington

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