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I believe in something beyond a petty deity
I am something more than jesus christ
I don’t think that im better than you
But im better than your stupid fucking god most high

I am not a sheep
I am not a sinner
i am not the chosen one hoisted in the air

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke

And the drums marched in to the beat of long lost heart
And the entertainers wore a face of glee
And part of me was left behind
To a life that once was pure

The myth of revolution is that it actually brings change
As the walls came tumbling down it was all the same
Some call it maturity, they call it growing up
I call it death of a belief. I actually give a fuck

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke

Anarchy, anarchy will never run these streets
And the government will continue to lie and cheat
Where is the joy? Where is the joy? Where is the joy?
I am joy

And the walls of the city will tell stories of the war
How iron-fisted revolutionaries marched down the boulevard
They were not sinners
They were not the chosen ones
They believed in something more than Jesus Christ

And the wind came along and swept away the hopes and dreams
Of a young one in his mothers arms, soundly sleeping
Replaced by a classification and an M-16 gun
The only thing that mattered was that the fucking war was won

Please don’t take me seriously
I am a joke


from The First of the Worst (Demo), track released October 22, 2011



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Brian Cunningham Seattle, Washington

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